A new home, a new sign

Orchid Lady Illuminated Wall SignThe Orchid Lady at Westfield Southgate known for providing a beautiful selection of orchids to the Sarasota market for years, is preparing to relocate to a permanent space within the mall. Having been referred to Gulf Coast Signs we designed a storefront sign incorporating elements that both the client and mall management desired. The result is a thin profile custom fabricated cabinet measuring 2½’ x 6½’ with white acrylic push through copy protruding ½” from the sign face that is illuminated from within by Principal LED’s Street Fighter wide beam True White slim modules. The 2″ deep cabinet was finished in a satin black low VOC acrylic polyurethane paint and is further enhanced by a high resolution digital image accent graphic along the top. The project was completed with two oval blade sign faces with laser cut acrylic copy that mount to the mall’s custom blade sign brackets.

AllCare Medical debuts in Bradenton

The AllCare Medical Center recently opened the doors to it’s new facility in Bradenton as the anchor of the new AllCare Medical Plaza. The 18,500-square-foot two-story building was built by Satterfield & Pontikes Construction Inc. of Sarasota who brought us in to assist with the exterior branding. Elements created for this project include a pair of ground signs built to comply with the Riverclub Plaza design criteria and are illuminated with Principal LED Qwik Stix. These signs consist of a multi tenant sign along Ranch Lake Boulevard at the north end of the property with a single panel AllCare Medical Plaza sign at the entry drive further south. An additional pillar style sign is featured at the northwest corner of this master planned development along the eastbound SR-70 exit ramp from I-75 N. The branding was completed with two sets of raceway mounted LED illuminated channel letters on the buildings east and north elevations.

Gulf Coast Signs adds the Accu-Bend Model 26

Gulf Coast Signs of Sarasota has added Accu-Bend’s cutting-edge technology to our inventory of production equipment with the purchase of the Accu-Bend Model 26. Recognition as the market-leading channel letter bending machine since producing the first machine in the world to notch, flange and bend complete channel letters was an important factor considered during our extensive evaluation of all available machines on the market.

This upgrade insures that we can continue to provide our clients with the highest quality products they’ve come to expect over our 40 years in the industry at competitive prices.

River Club Car Wash Branding Completed

Gulf Coast Signs of Sarasota was pleased to put the finishing touches on the River Club Car Wash in Bradenton recently in preparation for the planned February opening. The full branding package consisted of fabricating an 11′-6″ x 24′-0″ single faced wall sign featuring LED illuminated push thru and channel letter copy, a second 2′-11″ x 6′-0″ single faced wall sign combines digitally printed graphics with LED channel letters. The building is completed with (2) two additional sets of LED channel letters. Navigating the property is assisted by (8) eight vehicle directional signs and ancillary signage for the car wash tunnel. Final touches included handicapped parking signs and additional digital graphics.

A Sign of Things to Come

At 8:30 this morning an announcement sign went up at the site of the future River Club Car Wash. The 4′ x 8′ digitally printed sign panel features a conceptual image of the facility applied to an aluminum composite panel mounted to PVC posts illustrating what will be built by R.E. Crawford Construction for Scott Pinkus on an out-parcel at the Super Wal Mart anchored River Club Plaza on State Route 70. The Tommy Car Wash Systems facility is the second in Florida and is on track for a November opening this year and was recently the subject of a Bradenton Herald story.

Gulf Coast Signs worked closely with Scott to develop the branding package that will feature prominently on the buildings as well as the property – check back with us for more on that this fall.

Ethan Allen Debuts New Store

A new generation Ethan Allen Design Center has opened in the Sarasota market and we were pleased to assist both Benderson Development and Ethan Allen in branding this signature building. Working from the original architects drawings and at the direction of Ethan Allen’s construction department an expanded grid panel was designed to replace slat style awnings at the East and West entrances allowing an increased sign area on these elevations. The aluminum and fiberglass grids were contracted through the developer and were built in conjunction with the LED  illuminated channel letters ordered by Ethan Allen for these elevations and assembled as complete units. These grids serve multiple purposes by providing visual interest at these entrances, a degree of shade originally intended by use of metal awnings and as the support for the channel letters.

The branding was completed with another smaller set of channel letters mounted to a parapet wall on the southeast elevation and a final set of channel letters standing on a raceway mounted to edge of a small roof at the north elevation. These off white letters read well against the darker earth tones and black tile that feature prominently on this building.

A Menu for Success

Louies Modern asked Gulf Coast Signs for assistance in designing a series of changeable style menu panel signs for their bar that would compliment the prominent wood ceiling and feature chalkboard inserts with bold white copy.

The 3’-5” x 2’-6” sign frames and stiles were fabricated from 1” yellow pine glued, tacked and stained. A high resolution photo of a dirty chalkboard was dissected into a series of rectangles that were combined with a bold typeface to create the menu item. The images were digitally printed and applied to each side of an acrylic insert substrate.

The completed menus were hung using screws through the tile back wall with key slots and secured at the bottom with 3M VHB tape. The trio of menu boards each displays six signature cocktails that can be easily reversed to display yet another signature cocktail.

Cheers to one and all!

Iconic Grid

Gulf Coast Signs project featured in national publication.

The November 2013 issue of Sign & Digital Graphics includes an article by J. Bryan Vincent, PhD., a noted expert in the field of Solid State Lighting entitled “Outside of the Box”. The article points out that the sign industry was among the earliest industries to embrace LED technology initially adopting this technology to illuminate channel letters and now expanding this use to replace fluorescent illumination in cabinet applications. But some of us in the industry see opportunities with LED lighting beyond the usual applications.

One such example featured in the article is the iconic tower grid Gulf Coast Signs produced for Rooms To Go in Miami Gardens, Florida. Working in conjunction with it’s brand management firm ISED, Gulf Coast Signs designer Mike Blunt assisted in developing a set of drawings for a sectional aluminum grid to mount over a steel grid ‘tower’ that was part of the renovation of this store. The tower was envisioned to serve two functions by the architect, first as an element of visual interest, and secondly as a means to increase the buildings elevation so that branding could be displayed to potential customers on the adjacent raised highway. Illuminating the upper grid at night would insure it would be a place that would be remembered.

Twenty aluminum channel sections were fabricated, painted and populated with Principal LED Fusion 3 modules and covered with translucent blue acrylic. These grid sections were then bolted over the steel framework and wired to a custom power source panel. The results are a new landmark element that met all of Rooms To Go’s expectations and yet another successful ‘out of the box’ project for Gulf Coast Signs.



Data Masons Interior Sign

A new dimensional sign panel welcomes people to the suite of offices of Data Masons in Sarasota. The sign, composed of  acrylics and aluminum feature thin dimensional blue acrylic laser cut copy bonded to a frosted acrylic panel set in a 2″ square brushed aluminum base designed to minimize wall mount penetrations  as well as maintain a sense of unity to the signs the landlord has used throughout the building.

The finishing touch on the design is the inclusion of a high resolution digital image overlay for the signature logo “o” in keeping with the corporate branding utilized on print and advertising media.

This clean modern sign fits well with the image of this software production company.

Spiritual Center identity completed

Rising Tide International, an organization offering spiritual training and wide variety of programs in an interfaith and inter-spiritual tradition approached Gulf Coast Signs for a new monument sign at their Sarasota Spiritual Center.

The monument sign was designed with the goals of:

  • Effectively presenting an identity for the Spiritual Center’s location
  • Reflect both their image and tradition through the design and
  • Balance the need to communicate with the public in a manner that maintained harmony with the property in the best possible way.

The soft lines of the sign built for the client incorporate push through acrylic copy and a logo with a digitally printed high resolution graphic to identify the Spiritual Center and a manually changeable message area protected with a locking cover to announce events. The sign is lit with solid state LED’s utilizing Principle LED Spec-Element components to optimize energy cost while providing optimal illumination for the message center and graphics display.