More Than Signs

When GNC Live Well relocated their store in Sarasota at Westgate’s Southgate Shopping Center fabricating and relocating signs was a strait forward endeavor, the owner of this store however, had one challenge left for Gulf Coast Signs to resolve. What could be done within the store to visually enhance some areas within the space and to lend support to specific merchandised display areas?

The answer was large format digital imaging. The design department created a graphics package to propose neutralizing the bland appearance of a structural pillar with a continuous image wrapped around all four sides running from floor to ceiling to draw attention to the retail merchandising units positioned there. An additional set of pillars that were located close together were treated to a graphic printed on a banner like material to be suspended between them and designed to be changed as seasonal or promotional needs occur thus creating a specialized merchandising area within the store. And finally additional images were presented to enhance a portable iced beverage unit and to provide the finished bridging of a void between a display wall and the storefront windows.

Working in harmony with both Westfield’s design director and the store owner, Mike Blunt the designer at Gulf Coast Signs obtained multiple high resolution photographs that were deconstructed, edited and then brought together as unique images. With approvals in hand Cos Colegrove provided the final color corrections and enhanced editing prior to overseeing the output of these images.

With the installation of these images Gulf Coast Signs has helped create a very unique environment within this GNC Live Well store, has obtained another exceptionally satisfied customer and continues to produce the highest quality results that Westfield demands at all their centers.

South West Florida Eye Care

Gulf Coast Signs is proud to announce that we have just completed the identity signage for a new facility for South West Florida Eye Care at 6850 International Center Drive in Ft. Myers, Florida.

Recommended by Gulfcoast Consulting Group for this project Gulf Coast Signs developed the signage design based on extensive consultation with ownership. The chosen identity package consisted of laser cut, flush mounted non illuminated acrylic letters and a pin mounted aluminum logo panels decorated with a laminated digital image on two elevations of the building and a distinctive internally illuminated monument sign with routed copy. The primary body of the sign features copy that displays as black letters in the day and lights white at night, this effect was achieved by utilizing a 3M dual film technique.

Middle Earth Trading Company opens in Westfield’s Countryside Mall.

Westfield welcomed the Middle Earth Olive Oil Company to their Countryside Mall in Clearwater Florida.

Gulf Coast Signs of Sarasota, Inc. was brought on board to help a client convert a logo illustration and translate this into a eye-catching storefront entry sign. The design team worked with the mall management team and business owners to develop the look they envisioned. We used our laser to cut half inch clear acrylic sheet into 11″ copy letters with 2” legs. The copy faces were treated to digitally printed color overlays leaving the legs clear. Letters were mounted to interlocking acrylic bases and installed on the ledge in front of the storefront transom. LED cove lighting elements were installed behind the copy to provide an uplight wash.

“This sign looks fantastic, so many compliments. Your execution flawless” commented Jim Needham of Westfield, sentiments shared by our client.

Sarasota County Area Transit project implemented.

Gulf Coast Signs of Sarasota, Inc. has successfully completed in partnership with New York based Clever Devices and Ferrograph® of Newcastle, UK, the custom fabrication and installation of LED route status monitors at five locations served by the Sarasota County Area Transit (SCAT) system. These monitors, produced by Ferrograph®, a world leading public information display brand, utilizing Clever Devices products engineered with an understanding of how transit systems work and how these systems can be improved, and installed on custom fabricated wall mount and ground mount structures provided by Gulf Coast Signs of Sarasota will allow the public to have access to up to date, on time schedule information. These monitors at the main Downtown Station, Gulfgate Station, Venice Train Depot, Westfield Sarasota Square and Southgate Malls will provide data enabling SCAT to evaluate and streamline its bus system, keep its buses on route and on schedule, monitor fuel efficiency and emissions all while keeping riders confident, comfortable, and satisfied.

Additionally, the units installed at Westfield Sarasota Square and Southgate Malls employ solar panels to provide their power which as a Sarasota Green Business partner we applaud.

It’s Only Rock and Roll

Gulf Coast Signs of Sarasota, Inc. takes pride in helping to further establish one of the worlds most recognized brands, “Hard Rock”. Spanning over 169 venues in 52 countries, including 134 cafes and 14 Hotels/Casinos, Hard Rock International is one of the world’s most globally recognized brands. Hard Rock owns the world’s greatest collection of music memorabilia, which is displayed at its locations around the globe.

The Tampa, Florida Hard Rock Casino is now opening a new Hard Rock Café which will become an entertainment destination for over 3 million visitors annually. Working through Kraft Construction, Hard Rock has empowered Gulf Coast Signs of Sarasota, Inc. to assist in development, manufacturing and installation of one of their most detailed thematic features.

The main, eye catching feature in the Hard Rocks expansion is the new “Wall of Lyrics” for entry wall as well as Gaming Wall. These features consist of an entire wall constructed of decorative laminates clad with thousands of dimensional letters. The strategically positioned lettering spells out more than 500 lyrics from world’s most famous rock songs.

Gulf Coast Signs of Sarasota, Inc. was tasked with creating this exciting feature, which involved the production of more than 3300 individual, dimensional letters. The letters were laser cut from various thicknesses of clear acrylic and each letter was finished with a jewel polished edge. The dimensional letters were individually adhered to decorative acrylic substrates. The letter panels were then treated with a special blend of translucent, chromatic paints to create the three dimensional artistic effect requested by the Hard Rock design consultants.

The project, scheduled for completion in early December, is led by John Hose, Executive VP of Sales & Marketing, and previous owner of Images Graphics Specialties, a Fort Myers based company well known for their innovation and high-end ADA applications. Gulf Coast Signs of Sarasota’s owner, Mr. Hidayet Kutat commends his team “We welcome unique design challenge and I’m proud of my company’s fabrication capabilities and solutions!”

The Hard Rock Café “Wall of Lyrics” is a prime example of Gulf Coast Signs resourcefulness and use of creative ingenuity. The beauty of this feature is a crucial part of the café’s visual success.

Gulf Coast Signs of Sarasota, Inc. – “The Best Sign Company Anywhere”…. bringing a design concept into tangible reality!

Gulf Coast Signs of Sarasota, Inc. has acquired Ft Myers based Images Graphics Specialties.

Gulf Coast Signs of Sarasota, Inc. (GCS) announced that effective September 14, 2010 it has acquired Images Graphics Specialties (IGS). This transaction will double GCS’ market presence throughout United States by fast tracking penetration into high-end ADA and custom interior sign markets. Plans call for all manufacturing operations to be consolidated in Sarasota, FL. within two months. Read full release.

Global-Med Technologies Group

Custom CNC cut aluminum plate was utilized to produce the identity components for GTG, a technologies-driven, research-based private holding group exclusively focused on the orthopedic and musculoskeletal device sector. The aluminum components were hand brushed in stages to a very fine horizontal grain finish that was coated with a low VOC satin sheen clear coat that both accentuates the grain and protects the finish. The finishd logo elements were pin mounted with smooth stand off studs to the stairwell landing wall to serve as a directory element to assist thier invited clients to thier office.

The brand is reinforced by a second identity element in the lobby that again utilized custom CNC cut aluminum plate with the corporate logo excised from the material. After applying the same meticulous finish the reverse side perimeter of the plate and logo were surrounded by low profile LED modules. The sinished piece mounted with a custom designed stand off system now exhibits a soft halo of light surrounding the piece while allowing the logo to remain the focal point.

Rooms To Go

LED super graphics transition from the exterior of this building to the interior wall within the entry foyer creating a can’t miss visual statement for this Super center in Waller, Texas.

In order to create a dramatic element at their Waller, Texas showroom and warehouse and to create visual interest utilizing the wall space bridging the showroom signs and supercenter signs Rooms To Go chose to create a series of simple easily recognizable furniture icons to enhance their building. Gulf Coast Signs of Sarasota fabricated these aluminum channel elements and utilized LED lighting modules to illuminate the translucent plastic faces of these icons which will be featured on a number of Supercenters throughout the country.


Central Command Center

For the Joint Central Command Center building at MacDill AFB in Tampa, Florida Gulf Coast Signs was challenged with creating floor to ceiling double pane tempered glass panels and custom fabricated framing to create wall and elevator bay murals on four floors where a 3 dimensional etched glass look was envisioned.

About the Central Command Center Project


Clark Construction, LLC, the largest privately owned construction company in United States subcontracted the sign package to Gulf Coast Signs of Sarasota, Inc., for the state of the art Joint Intelligence Central Command Center building at the US Central Command, located at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, FL. The most challenging aspect of this sign package was etched glass mural structures illuminated from below with fiber optics lighting. It was determined that the architects’ concept at a small scale would produce excellent visual effects; however these full size structures some as high as 10 feet would not convey the dimensional effect that the architect visualized. Gulf Coast Signs of Sarasota, Inc. accepted the challenge to work with this type of material. A concept was developed to utilize two-layered tempered glass and frosted high performance vinyl applied with a slight offset to achieve the 3-dimensional look. Small scale prototypes were created and submitted for evaluation and approval by Clark Construction, LLC, the Army Corps of Engineers and ultimately the commanding General at MacDill AFB.

Once secured, Gulf Coast Signs moved forward with the fabrication of custom mounting channels, and multi plane decorated tempered glass panels to create a spectacular one of a kind elevator surround and wall mural system for this facility


Multiple pieces, multiple shapes and multiple finishes were combined to create the receptionist wall logo for this International real estate company.

Cityscapes Realty, a high end international realty group with offices in Sarasota, Costa Rica and Panama approached Gulf Coast Signs of Sarasota, Inc. to develop a unique floating multi-dimensional city logo to display in their reception lobby. Individual components were cut from expanded PVC sheet and finished. The skyline buildings and individual bridge components were then assembled with concealed spacer elements to bring the completed logo a 3 dimensional presentation.