At Gulf Coast Signs of Sarasota, Inc. (GCS), the customer satisfaction is our #1 priority & we achieve it everyday, one customer at a time. From concept, to design, to fabrication, to completion and future service our objective is to address your needs and concerns at all levels of the organization. Our Core Values “People, Quality, Safety & Environmental Responsibility” drive our operating philosophy to achieve ultimate Customer Satisfaction.


We recognize and value our “People” as the most important resource, treat them fairly and equitably. GCS employees are all experienced professionals dedicated to their craft. The “Operations Team” at GCS has nearly 200 years combined sign design, fabricating, installation and service experience. Our renewal program is geared towards sharing the knowledge and experience on to the next generation. Our service and installation teams is focused meet and exceeds customer expectations consistently.


Following the best industry practices in “Manufacturing Resource Planning – MRP II”, we have streamlined all operation processes. Coupled with implementing meaningful quality enhancement processes, at GCS we back up our commitment to delivering the highest quality products and services. Our innovative “Chain of Custody” quality process empowers the “Self-Managed” operations personnel to address the quality concerns at every step of the operations process, thereby assuring the highest quality product delivered consistently. That is why we can offer the best warranty in our market capitalization.


By dealing with safety and environmental challenges sensibly and responsibly, GCS has moved to the forefront in the sign making industry. Our commitment to safe operations in everything we do through our sustained efforts to raise the bar on safety have resulted in a “Culture Change”; now we think safety first, then act.

Environmental issues are a great concern to all manufacturers. We have taken steps to deal with these issues responsibly, thereby becoming an industry leader. Through the rigorous enactment of recycling programs we now recycle virtually all our waste by-products; plastics, aluminum, steel, oil, wood, cardboard and paper. Commitment to waste minimization through administrative and engineering controls such as evaporation pool, latex wash down catch basin, low pressure spray painting allowed us to participate in Sarasota County Hazardous Waste management’s Project Green Sweep program to be certified as a “Conditionally Exempt Small Quantity Generator (CESQG). Furthermore we also continue in our efforts to find sustainable alternatives to many of the toxic materials commonly used in the sign industry.