Message From President

Dear Future Customer:

On behalf of the Gulf Coast Signs of Sarasota Inc. (GCS) team, please allow me to introduce our company to you and your team. GCS is a full service UL approved custom electric sign company serving Florida and the United States for more than thirty-four years. We achieve total customer satisfaction by following simple operating principles; valuing our People, maintaining Quality excellence in everything we do, and dealing with Safety and Environmental challenges responsibly.

You may ask yourself what makes GCS “The Best Sign Company in Florida”. It all starts with our core values. Our operating principles regarding People, Quality, Safety & Environmental and our commitment to Total Customer Satisfaction is why Gulf Coast Signs of Sarasota, Inc. is “The Best Sign Company in Florida”. Let me elaborate.

Core values of an organization reflect the way the company conducts its business. We firmly believe that People are our most important resource and we treat them fairly, equitably, and empower them to be their best. Our motto is to “Treat Our Employees As If They Are Our Customers”. I believe that says it all.

Our commitment to Safety, Environmental and Housekeeping on the shop floor, job sites as well as off-the-job safety emphasis is visible in everything we do; good housekeeping promotes high safety standards, and the end result of achieving injury free performance is good for the Employees, their Family’s, the Company and our Customers. In the Environmental area, almost all waste by products, such as aluminum, steel, plastic, wood, and cardboard / paper are recycled. Furthermore, utilizing simple innovative concepts and engineering controls, we have minimized the hazardous waste generated to the levels that Sarasota County Hazardous Waste Management has qualified GCS to be included in the Project Green Sweep, “Conditionally Exempt Small Quantity Generators – CESQG”. The environmental responsibility is another way we differentiate ourselves from the competitors.

Our quality program is very simple. The shop personnel manage the quality process utilizing the GCS-developed “Chain Of Custody” Quality Assurance program. Simply put, we believe in doing it right the first time rather than fixing it later through quality check at every step of manufacturing. That is why we offer the best warranty within our comparison companies in a similar market capitalization.

I welcome you to visit our shop anytime, with or without notice, to see first hand why we are the best. For signage that measures up to your image, meets and exceeds expectations and at a competitive price, please call “The Best Sign Company In Florida”.

I look forward to working with you and your team.