Sign Services

Site Survey – Code Checks & Permitting Process

Determine zoning issues and allowances, customer requirements vs. limitations, and site-specific challenges to assure fabrication is planned for an effective installation.

Design & Artwork

Many times, clients are not aware of the different types of artwork files. Check with your sales representative, or our website for proper files.


Knowing a client’s budget or range helps us develop the best sign program for their image. We strive to provide the best value for the investment.

Prototype – R&D Development (When Required)

Unique projects can be conceived and drawings provided. Additionally, we offer prototypes for one-of-a-kind projects as well as development work to assure that customer vision can become a reality prior to major expenditure.


Our State-Of-The-Art equipment and methods allow us to build your signs to specified requirements. Our Self-Managed fabrication team assures quality is “Job-One” through Chain of Custody Quality Assurance process developed by GCS.


We have the equipment, manpower and project management skills and resources to manage customized installation throughout the United States.

Extended Warranty Agreement (EWA)

The EWA takes over after the best warranty offered for new fabrications and installations expires. In addition, we offer annual maintenance programs to assure that your investment maintains its value to the highest standard.


Our experienced Service Technicians can handle any repair to any sign.