Project Management

Gulf Coast Signs Of Sarasota, Inc. offers the highly competent and professional Project Management team. The Project team will be with you through every step of your sign program following Best Industry Practices in Project Management.

  • Sales Account Managers involvement throughout the life-cycle of the project assures customer needs are met and clearly understood.
  • Initial meeting between the Customer and the Sales Account Manager during project conception enables understanding customer needs as well as communicating customer responsibilities on transmitting key information to assure successful venture.
  • Utilizing Gulf Coast Signs of Sarasota, Inc. proprietary RFP Automation Process assures permitting, design, estimating is processed efficiently for a competitive proposal preparation consistent with timing constraints.
  • Upon Customer agreement is reached and the contract is executed with approved drawings, the internal Work Order is prepared to start the process.

The Work Order preparation triggers all other project execution activities:

  • Permit procurement process,
  • Fabrication process,
  • Installation planning process
  • Installation and finalizing permits
  • Utilizing the Best Industry Practices in Materials Requirement Planning (MRP) and Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP II) the project execution begins.
  • During weekly Operations Planning meetings, latest changes and customer needs are incorporated into overall execution plan to achieve optimum results.
  • Communications with Customer on all pertinent project challenges is the fundamental principle of achieving desired results for the Customer.

Once the project execution is completed, the final invoice is submitted.