Fit 2 Run

The Vice President of Design, Planning & Brand Strategies for Fit2Run brought Gulf Coast Signs a request to develop the storefront identity elements for a new prototype store. The challenge was to bring together face lit letters without trim cap style attachments, reverse pan halo letters, a signature face lit “2” and a rectangular background element and to do so with the thinnest possible letter depth. The final challenge was to fabricate all of these elements to mount flush to and follow the storefront canopy radius three inches from its leading edge. The final elements of the storefront sign were to consist of half inch laser cut acrylic letters, tapped and studded at the top and mounted with acrylic spacers to the underside of the canopy.  Master fabricators consulted with the design team and a set of shop drawings were devised and submitted and approved. Three weeks later the sign was installed with a construction barricade in place. Two days later with construction completed, the barricade came down to reveal the well received efforts of all the tradesmen to the public.

Gulf Coast Signs was excited to be a part of this development and have continued as a partner with Fit2Run on four additional locations to date.

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