Historic Times for Gulf Coast Signs of Sarasota

1975… it seems like only yesterday, Sony introduces Betamax videotapes, the blockbuster film Jaws is released, Jimmy Hoffa disappears, a gallon of gas hits 44 cents but that’s just trivial information. What was really important to us that year was the fact that it was the year we came into being and we’ve been going strong ever since! Over the last forty years we’ve had the privilege to serve a great number of local, regional and national clients with their branding needs. Over the last decade Gulf Coast Signs has expanded it’s focus beyond providing the highest quality product for¬†its clientele to¬†embracing practices that insure environmentally responsible production and personnel safety.

To that end another milestone was reached this week as we recorded our 3000th day since our last ‘Lost Work Injury’ as span reaching back over 8 years. This is just one more example of the commitment to our company motto of …Working Safely, Producing Quality…

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