Iconic Grid

Gulf Coast Signs project featured in national publication.

The November 2013 issue of Sign & Digital Graphics includes an article by J. Bryan Vincent, PhD., a noted expert in the field of Solid State Lighting entitled “Outside of the Box”. The article points out that the sign industry was among the earliest industries to embrace LED technology initially adopting this technology to illuminate channel letters and now expanding this use to replace fluorescent illumination in cabinet applications. But some of us in the industry see opportunities with LED lighting beyond the usual applications.

One such example featured in the article is the iconic tower grid Gulf Coast Signs produced for Rooms To Go in Miami Gardens, Florida. Working in conjunction with it’s brand management firm ISED, Gulf Coast Signs designer Mike Blunt assisted in developing a set of drawings for a sectional aluminum grid to mount over a steel grid ‘tower’ that was part of the renovation of this store. The tower was envisioned to serve two functions by the architect, first as an element of visual interest, and secondly as a means to increase the buildings elevation so that branding could be displayed to potential customers on the adjacent raised highway. Illuminating the upper grid at night would insure it would be a place that would be remembered.

Twenty aluminum channel sections were fabricated, painted and populated with Principal LED Fusion 3 modules and covered with translucent blue acrylic. These grid sections were then bolted over the steel framework and wired to a custom power source panel. The results are a new landmark element that met all of Rooms To Go’s expectations and yet another successful ‘out of the box’ project for Gulf Coast Signs.



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