A Little Touch of Broadway

  Gulf Coast Signs of Sarasota was pleased to be a part of the team involved in providing signature identity elements for The Florida Studio Theatre campus recently completed for the 2013 season. Working with conceptual elements created by noted Scenic Designer Jeffrey W. Dean, the design staff at Gulf Coast Sign turned his vision into working drawings used to fabricate two vertical “Theater” signs as well as two distinct marquee signs for the Court Cabaret and Gompertz theater entrances.

 The Court Cabaret Marquee measures 4’-0” x 10’-6” and projects 9’ from the building while The Gompertz Marquee measures 5’-5” x 11’-4” and projects 11’ from the building. Both feature wrapped light boxes around the perimeter, the end light boxes are tracked for changeable copy letters used to announce the productions being presented while the face features the Florida Studio Theatre name above which a push through copy that identifies the Court Cabaret and Gompertz theaters. Each marquee incorporates scroll work steel elements and incandescent globes to portray classic theatre entry marquees. Polished panels in the base of the marquees are nested in a grid work of incandescent globes to provide for a well illuminated entry area. A gutter system has been incorporated into each marquee to further provide for the comfort of the theater‘s patrons.

 The location of the theatre is achieved by two 15’ vertically oriented projecting signs with routed faces that carry the FST brand at the top and expose the central copy reading “Theater” and are accented by incandescent globes around the perimeter.

 The final identification to the campus is a set of halo illuminated reverse channel letters that designate the Hegner Theatre Wing

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