Gold Coast Eagle Distributing entry sign finally a reality.

After more than a year of working with local, county and state officials a resolution was reached allowing Gold Coast Eagle Distributing to finally move forward with a sign identifying the entrance to their facility in Lakewood Ranch at the intersection of Wireless Court and Lakewood Ranch Boulevard.

The project began with an evaluation of the site to determine the optimal location and configuration needed to effectively communicate the entry drive to the public. Gulf Coast Signs proceeded with a design that addressed these needs while incorporating materials and architectural elements specifically requested by the client. The result was a three column stone and tile clad masonry wall set at a 45° viewing angle with the columns mimicking the estate markers surrounding the property and the walls reflecting the tiling & stonework of the building. The business identity is presented as reverse channel LED illuminated letters in a bronze patina finish stacked and centered on the wall. The final element is a non-illuminated HDU panel with incised copy directing deliveries to the buildings back entrance.

Once the project design was approved, Gold Coast proceeded with contracting the construction of the wall while Gulf Coast Signs resolved the final hurdle required to complete the project. The unimproved parcel of land where the sign sits is separated from the building by a dedicated preserve. It was determined that a solar power solution was the best and most economical means to bring a power source to the sign. We turned to a fellow Sarasota Chamber of Commerce member Blue Sky Solar Group to provide the solution to this portion of the project. Their panel and batteries tucked nicely between the sign walls minimizing the presence of this equipment and allowing the letters to emit their halo illumination from dusk to dawn.

Cheers to one and all involved with this project!

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