High Resolution Digital Image on Canvas

When Glenn Zakany, president of G to Z Turf Services, Inc. came by to pick up a small real estate style sign needed by one of his golf course clients he took the opportunity to tour our facilities. During the tour Gary took note of some of our digital image samples and hit upon a marketing idea. By utilizing the network of clients developed by him and his partner, two former golf course superintendents with considerable experience in the turf business Glenn felt high resolution photographs of signature golf holes reproduced on high quality printable canvas could be sold to patrons at the pro shop of the course featured.

The first hole chosen was from a course at The Forrest Country Club in Ft Myers, Florida. A 4MB high resolution image was provided that the digital production department of Gulf Coast Signs sized, ripped and printed for the client.

This service can be utilized by designers for unique images in boutique hotels and inns as well as artists to produce limited edition or artist proofs.

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