It’s Only Rock and Roll

Gulf Coast Signs of Sarasota, Inc. takes pride in helping to further establish one of the worlds most recognized brands, “Hard Rock”. Spanning over 169 venues in 52 countries, including 134 cafes and 14 Hotels/Casinos, Hard Rock International is one of the world’s most globally recognized brands. Hard Rock owns the world’s greatest collection of music memorabilia, which is displayed at its locations around the globe.

The Tampa, Florida Hard Rock Casino is now opening a new Hard Rock Café which will become an entertainment destination for over 3 million visitors annually. Working through Kraft Construction, Hard Rock has empowered Gulf Coast Signs of Sarasota, Inc. to assist in development, manufacturing and installation of one of their most detailed thematic features.

The main, eye catching feature in the Hard Rocks expansion is the new “Wall of Lyrics” for entry wall as well as Gaming Wall. These features consist of an entire wall constructed of decorative laminates clad with thousands of dimensional letters. The strategically positioned lettering spells out more than 500 lyrics from world’s most famous rock songs.

Gulf Coast Signs of Sarasota, Inc. was tasked with creating this exciting feature, which involved the production of more than 3300 individual, dimensional letters. The letters were laser cut from various thicknesses of clear acrylic and each letter was finished with a jewel polished edge. The dimensional letters were individually adhered to decorative acrylic substrates. The letter panels were then treated with a special blend of translucent, chromatic paints to create the three dimensional artistic effect requested by the Hard Rock design consultants.

The project, scheduled for completion in early December, is led by John Hose, Executive VP of Sales & Marketing, and previous owner of Images Graphics Specialties, a Fort Myers based company well known for their innovation and high-end ADA applications. Gulf Coast Signs of Sarasota’s owner, Mr. Hidayet Kutat commends his team “We welcome unique design challenge and I’m proud of my company’s fabrication capabilities and solutions!”

The Hard Rock Café “Wall of Lyrics” is a prime example of Gulf Coast Signs resourcefulness and use of creative ingenuity. The beauty of this feature is a crucial part of the café’s visual success.

Gulf Coast Signs of Sarasota, Inc. – “The Best Sign Company Anywhere”…. bringing a design concept into tangible reality!

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