More Than Signs

When GNC Live Well relocated their store in Sarasota at Westgate’s Southgate Shopping Center fabricating and relocating signs was a strait forward endeavor, the owner of this store however, had one challenge left for Gulf Coast Signs to resolve. What could be done within the store to visually enhance some areas within the space and to lend support to specific merchandised display areas?

The answer was large format digital imaging. The design department created a graphics package to propose neutralizing the bland appearance of a structural pillar with a continuous image wrapped around all four sides running from floor to ceiling to draw attention to the retail merchandising units positioned there. An additional set of pillars that were located close together were treated to a graphic printed on a banner like material to be suspended between them and designed to be changed as seasonal or promotional needs occur thus creating a specialized merchandising area within the store. And finally additional images were presented to enhance a portable iced beverage unit and to provide the finished bridging of a void between a display wall and the storefront windows.

Working in harmony with both Westfield’s design director and the store owner, Mike Blunt the designer at Gulf Coast Signs obtained multiple high resolution photographs that were deconstructed, edited and then brought together as unique images. With approvals in hand Cos Colegrove provided the final color corrections and enhanced editing prior to overseeing the output of these images.

With the installation of these images Gulf Coast Signs has helped create a very unique environment within this GNC Live Well store, has obtained another exceptionally satisfied customer and continues to produce the highest quality results that Westfield demands at all their centers.

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