Spiritual Center identity completed

Rising Tide International, an organization offering spiritual training and wide variety of programs in an interfaith and inter-spiritual tradition approached Gulf Coast Signs for a new monument sign at their Sarasota Spiritual Center.

The monument sign was designed with the goals of:

  • Effectively presenting an identity for the Spiritual Center’s location
  • Reflect both their image and tradition through the design and
  • Balance the need to communicate with the public in a manner that maintained harmony with the property in the best possible way.

The soft lines of the sign built for the client incorporate push through acrylic copy and a logo with a digitally printed high resolution graphic to identify the Spiritual Center and a manually changeable message area protected with a locking cover to announce events. The sign is lit with solid state LED’s utilizing Principle LED Spec-Element components to optimize energy cost while providing optimal illumination for the message center and graphics display.

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